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A lot of new business owners jump right into starting their businesses without knowing what is required of them, what structure they should take on, what tax filing will be required of them, when reports are due, etc. Making the wrong decision at the onset of business operations can have a lasting impact on the business’ capabilities, growth opportunities and overall likelihood for success. Our training and consultations can save entrepreneurs and business managers a significant amount of money and prevent foreseeable issues. We’ll help you to get on an efficient track to profitability.

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Our team at A2Go is committed to helping you understand the processes necessary for your particular business. We strive to understand not just your business, but your industry, your competitors, and other factors that affect your probability of succeeding. Our consultations are specific to your company, not some hypothetical organization. We are also available for continuous training and consultation if necessary. We want to partner with you on your journey to success.


Whether starting a new business or managing an existing business, we can help.

New Business Consulting answers your questions

Information pertaining to

941, 940, 944, W2, 1099, Texas Workforce Commission

Texas State Comptoller and what you have to report

Franchise Tax Sales Tax IFTA


Available to assist in establishing your nonprofit status and performing reporting needed to maintain that status.